Family History for Starters Students say 'Thank You' to

All the students on the Family History for Starters course want to say a really big "Thank You" to everyone at for providing them with a free logon to use the Ancestry website during their course.

Family History for Starters students say Thank You!

From left to right are students Cliff McKenzie, Cathy Edwards, Keith Williams, Norman Brumby, Paul Marston, Paul Jones, Brian Connolly, Sheelagh Hallsworth, David Barker, Valerie Burrows, and (on Valerie's knee) Brian Banner.

"It was a fantastic moment when I got the email from Sean at Ancestry Institutional Support," said Nick Walton, Telematics tutor for the course. "I fully expected us to have to pay for access to the site.  Instead Ancestry have recognised our status as a registered charity working in a disadvantaged neighbourhood.  It's been a wonderful resource to use during the course."

"Family History for Starters" is a new course at the Telematics Centre for the summer term 2008.  It covers these areas:

  • Completing a Person Information Sheet
  • Creating Family Tree Charts
  • Working out ages and year of birth
  • Searching Census information on
  • Searching Births, Marriages, and Deaths information on
  • Organising the paper records
  • Creating and organising the electronic records
  • Protecting electronic records for future generations

If you would like to join the course when it runs again then use our Contact Form to register your interest.

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